Behold, The Dungeons & Dragons Complete Animated Series…

dnadd_cartoonOK, I admit it. I bought it….and it was even more horrible than I remembered….and I remembered it being a little cheezy, but what’s a little cheese between friends? Right? Right? Anyone?

I justified the $31.99 by telling myself, the kids will like itgummibears in a couple of years….just like I did with the Gummi Bears Cartoon. They love that one (and so do I)…smart purchase. But the D&D cartoon…Well, I was alone in the house yesterday. I broke open the package, popped it in, and hopped on the treadmill (with the volume cranked so I’d be able to hear). Egads, it was like watching a train wreck. I didn’t get past the first episode (and not just because I run like a wuss). Not that I won’t watch more later….I am a glutton for punishment.

I guess I just wanted it to be better. It just felt like a hodge-podge of cool elements all thrown together in a blender. If it were food going into the blender, it would be a lamb chop, a piece of chocolate cake, and my gym socks set on puree.

I’m still glad I have it though…I guess nostalgia counts for something.


4 thoughts on “Behold, The Dungeons & Dragons Complete Animated Series…

  1. That’s hilarious–but good for you for trying it. I probably would have bought it for exactly the same reasons–nostalgia, the kids, etc. … In fact, you probably saved me some cash. So–do you remember the second time you tried earwax as a kid? It was so bad the first time, but it couldn’t possibly be as bad as you remember, right? … then BLAH!! It is! It is .. Mom!!!

  2. You know, there should be some kind of 800-number intervention line for those of us who often contemplate buying things for nostalgic purposes. I did the same thing with Night Stalker (the original) and even though I can say that I love the campy-ness of it, the way I remembered it was far, far better than what I wound up paying for.

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