It’s here! It’s Here!

It’s here! It’s Here! Well, it was actually here *Saturday*, but seeing as I was too busy to get the mail until late in the day on *Sunday*…and then again too busy to do anything meaningful about it until today (man, how time flies), it is still “freshly here” for me.

I generally read mine in my “other office”. I consider it the best seat in the house. And when I’m seated there, well, that’s one of the prime times that I’m not staring at a computer screen AND have some time, energy, etc. to read stuff. At least until my two-year-old comes knocking at the door wondering if he can see, but I digress.

crus_vol15_bigFor those of you who are out of the know, I am speaking of the fabulous table-top gaming magazine known as “The Crusader”. Now monthly and up to 36-pages per issue, The Crusader is published by Troll Lord Games and focuses on their flagship product(s): Castles & Crusades with its illustrious SIEGE Engine. It supplements and reinforces one of the greatest strengths of C&C and the SE, their ability to accepting tweaking. They stand up to all sorts of rules hacks without breaking.

The early issues added several different options on how to make multi-classing work. They’ve gone on to include all sorts of flavorful weapons and armor. The musings of the late Gary Gygax on the origins of the game were included serially. And the magazine has gotten even better under veteran James Ward’s watch.

All and all I’m very pleased. I encourage you to have a seat and give it a read.


3 thoughts on “It’s here! It’s Here!

  1. This morning, I noticed the following in my inbox:

    [steve chenault]


    CONTACT: Stephen Chenault
    Troll Lord Games
    Phone: (501) 680-6597

    The Crusade Grows, Crusader Magazine Now 36 Pages! (TLG PR)

    LITTLE ROCK, AR {February 09, 2009} Troll Lord Games has announced that the print magazine Crusader Journal is expanding to 36 pages. The increased page count begins with the recently released issue Vol. 5, No. 15, available for sale now. The increased size will not impact subscription rates, though news stand rates will increase from $3.50 to $3.99. Crusader is available at news stands everywhere hobby products are sold. It is also available from Troll Lord Games in single issues or through subscription.

    The Crusader is published monthly by Troll Lord Games. The magazine serves as a vehicle for the wildly popular Castles & Crusades® Role Playing Game as well as offering editorials that range from the common and simple “How To” articles, to advice, adventures, free dungeon maps, new monsters, fiction, game review, humor, art and more. With a fresh, in print issue available each month Crusader is one of the few magazines for the role playing game community.

    “I’m very excited about this expansion,” remarked Stephen Chenault of Troll Lord Games. “There is so much we are doing with the magazine and so much more that we can do with it. Adding these pages is another step toward growing Crusader into a true must have for the whole RPG community.” Crusader has recently increased its rate of publication to monthly. Managing Editor James M. Ward added, “This increase is just the first of many positive changes as Troll Lords works hard to grow the company in all areas. As the Managing Editor of the magazine I can tell you there are great things in store for CRUSADER and the Troll Lord’s company. I encourage you all to get on line and buy a subscription giving you a seat belt on the wildest ride in the hobby game industry.”

    Some of the more recent issues have focused on how to create new spells, awarding experience points, designing your campaign setting, as well as new monsters and adventures. Product highlights have seen articles on the upcoming Castle Keeper’s Guide for Castles & Crusades, Haunted Highlands from Casey Christofferson and Towers of Adventure by James. M. Ward.

    The most recent addition to the pages of Crusader, Tim Kask, famed for as the Managing Editor of Dragon Magazine when that magazine was in its infancy.

    Visit the TLG website for more information and pick up your subscription today! Go directly to the STORE page to subscribe. There you will find six different subscription options. Or call us at 501-680-6597.

    About Troll Lord Games
    Troll Lord Games debuted at GenCon 2000. Alongside its hallmark Castles & Crusades7Swords and Sorcery Role Playing Game, The Crusader JournalJ, StarSiege, The World of Aihrde, d20 adventure modules. Troll Lord Games owns the Lake Geneva Gaming Convention, Winter Dark Gaming Convention and Troll Con. For more information, visit our web site at Copyright 2008, Troll Lord Games. Castles & Crusades, Troll Con, Lake Geneva Gaming Convention are, Winter Dark Trademark Troll Lord Games.

    Stephen Cheneault
    Troll Lord Games
    The Crusader Journal ~ Subscribe Today
    PO Box 251171 Little Rock, AR 72225

  2. I’ve become a huge fan of C&C and keep thinking I need to pick up a subscription The Crusader and just haven’t gotten around to it. I wonder if it will stick if I treat this as a reminder…

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