Krod Mandoon

Well Met All!krod1

I just watched the series premier of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire on Comedy Central. I have to say, I laughed…..and cried….and then laughed again….all about the same scene. Go figure. I see a lot of potential here.

The Geek Crowd will love it for various reasons. Its funny. Its fantasy. There’s sexy chicks in it. They poke fun at anything with a pulse…..and there’s a Flaming Sword of Fire. Gotta love it.

I will refrain from giving it a rating here….we’ll see what comes over the next few weeks. It might suck womp rat ass. I figure it takes at least a couple of episodes to see where it will go, but I’d love to hear any thoughts on this…


12 thoughts on “Krod Mandoon

  1. You are a simple minded retard that could be entertained by anything obviously. This show is made for the lowest class denominator, probably aimed at fast food workers and the remedial individuals that work them. I bet you yourself have no money and your parents are extremely disappointed at how dumb you actually turned out. Then again they’re probably retards like yourself because they spawned you. I bet they might even like Krod too. Please call them and tell them that they failed, because you are an idiot and a simpleton. The Krod Mandoon show just shows how stupid some people in the world are.

    1. Laura

      The fact that you used the word “retard” shows how intelligent you really are, and the fact that you insult people that are trying to make a living and haven’t had the luxury of furthering their education shows how insensitive you are. Don’t you realize that people need to escape reality for a while and indulge in a little fantasy and comedy now and then? Just because something doesn’t entertain YOU, doesn’t mean it can’t entertain someone else. You don’t have to insult people. People like different things. Just don’t watch.

    2. S

      Chad – you have a lot of growing up to do! It is only the super-intelligent that know how important play and decompressing is in one’s life. My husband (oh yes – I married AoB) is neither an idiot nor a simpleton. The fact that he can escape to another world, realm, dimension, whatever, has helped to instill wonderful imaginations and creativity in our children. You guessed it – we spawned! Next time, engage in brain before engaging in reply.

      Wife of AoB

  2. Chad, you can get back to your sole purpose in life — eating my shit. Though I would be interested in whatever high-brow entertainment you feel is so superior. Krod Mandoon may not be opera, but its more entertaining than the reality-tv set by a considerable margin to my mind.

    Obviously, I’ve been away too long when the rabble wander in and unload their wheelbarrows of manure. Its time to bring-out the boomstick and smash some heads.


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  4. Laura

    Hey, it’s Laura again. From a small town in Iowa by the way.I like Krod Mandoon. I think Krod is sexy. If the show continues, I think it will get even better. It kinda reminds me of a Xena or Hercules. I miss those shows. One of my favorite lines on the show was when Krod says, “Those taint shootin’ bastards.” My husband had to explain to me what taint was. I also think that Aneka (sp?) is super sexy. I love how they keep having to mention that she is a “pagan wench.” I checked out some of the outtakes on the net and they were hilarious. We need more medievel shows on t.v. I love that era.

  5. OK, now for those of you who are wondering, I *did* hear back from “Hanging Chad”. In that message, he showed just how much of an idiot he is. I’ve decided that his part in any discussions here is over.


  6. Marco Maese

    WOW! so reading all this was crazy. For Chad i feel sorry for but for the rest of you thank you Specially Laura!. I don’t work fast food and i’m very picky about whats “ENTERTAINING” on the TV. Voicing my opinion I know Aneka or India De Beaufort was on Run fatboy Run and since then in that one small part i think she’s Incredible. For the show I love it. Entertaining, oddly adult humor, and Adverturous!

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