Movie Review – District 9

district_9_movie_posterDistrict 9 is set in a refugee camp for aliens in Johannesburg, South Africa.

This fascinating drama smartly earns an 8.

An alien ship full of starving refugees arrived above Johannesburg 20 years ago.  The South African government set up a temporary camp, which quickly became a militarized zone as the aliens and humans had some unfortunate interactions.

The movie is centered around Wikus van de Merwe, who has been selected to lead the eviction of the aliens to a new camp located a safer distance from the urban population of Johannesburg.  Van de Merwe is nicely played by Sharlto Copley, who has a passing resemblance in feature and personality to Michael from The Office.  He was a delight to watch.  The other actors played their parts well and made for a fun romp.

Needless to say, the eviction runs into complications and many twists and turns ensue.  I shall have to leave it at that so as not to give away the many surprises and delights in store for you at the theater.  However, what I may tell you is that this is a very entertaining and thought provoking film.  I felt that it approached the story from an unconventional point of view and kept my interest.  The movie is shot as a documentary being put together by the Multi-National United company, which has been contracted to run the refugee camp called District 9.  The documentary aspect was done very well and is quite griping.

They did a great job with the aliens, derisively called “prawns” because they look like those little sea creatures we eat.  The detail and movement of the aliens is very realistic.  It makes one wonder whether they were real.  Good fun!

What is striking about this interesting movie is that excluding the alien technology, this could have been about any group of human refugees.  The same discrimination and exploitation can be seen in any refugee camp in the world today.  Hmmm.

~Elric the Damned

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