Movie Review – Jennifer’s Body

jennifers_body_xlgJennifer’s Body is a classic teen slasher movie about cheerleaders and demonic possession.

If I were17 again, I would have given it more than the 6 (leaning towards 5) that old me gives it now.

I had arrived at the theater with no time to spare to see Paranormal Activity when the ticket chick said that only the first 3 rows of seats were available.  After a panicked scan of the other movie times, I decided on Jennifer’s Body (maybe it’s nostalgia, I don’t know).  All I knew about it was that it had Megan Fox, cheerleaders and some sort of satanic goings-on, and that was good enough for me.

While Megan Fox is nice enough to look at, she is not the world’s greatest actress.  She was convincing when her character was required to act as though she didn’t give a fig about anyone else, which was most of the time.  For an R movie, there was an appalling lack of nakedness – sigh.  Anyway, Megan is a hot cheerleader that begins to kill everyone after appearing to her best friend late at night covered in blood and spewing a spikey, black goo all over the kitchen.  The best friend has to stop her before everyone dies or some such nonsense.

This movie came from the same production team that did Juno.  However, they tried but failed to pull off the cutesy charm of Juno, which I loved.  The story was pretty decent and the acting was, well, there sort of, kinda.  I’ve seen worse.  It took me quite a while to figure out that the frizzy-haired teacher with glasses and a very familiar voice was J.K. Simmons from The Closer, where he is bald and no glasses.  It was an effective disguise only betrayed by his voice.

Rental at best.

~Elric the Damned

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