Movie Review – Jennifer’s Body (via High Adventure Games)

Wow! For whatever reason, the number of visitors to the HAG site has sky-roceted due to “Megan Fox” web searches directing people here…possibly due to this post. I suspect these aren’t quality hits though really as they don’t click on anything or leave comments. They’re probably looking for nude photos. I thought it was interesting though. I wonder what’s caused this.


Movie Review - Jennifer's Body Jennifer’s Body is a classic teen slasher movie about cheerleaders and demonic possession. If I were17 again, I would have given it more than the 6 (leaning towards 5) that old me gives it now. I had arrived at the theater with no time to spare to see Paranormal Activity when the ticket chick said that only the first 3 rows of seats were available.  After a panicked scan of the other movie times, I decided on Jennifer’s Body (maybe it’s nostalgia … Read More

via High Adventure Games

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