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Star Wars – How old is old enough?

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on October 15, 2010

My kids (4 and 6) are petitioning to see Star Wars….While my wife doesn’t think it is a good idea, I’m on the fence. Howold is old enough? I’ve gotten them gaming, but think that maybe it is time for some “source material”. Any thoughts?



6 Responses to “Star Wars – How old is old enough?”

  1. The only really scary part of the original Star Wars (A New Hope) is the opening combat and the interrogation droid. As long as your kids understand the difference between real and movie violence, I cannot see any problems.

  2. newbiedm said

    I saw it when I was 4 with my dad. I’m not traumatized. 🙂 Go for it, it’s a fun movie.

  3. Bevin Flannery said

    My young’uns saw the original at ages almost four and almost six.

  4. The Red DM said

    Most kids should be fine watching the original by that age (not mine, but he’s afraid of just about every movie there is).

  5. S said

    I was about 5 when I saw the original and I had nightmares for weeks. Since I do the majority of the getting up at night, I don’t want them watching it yet.

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