Under the Dying Sun

I’ve recently signed up to playtest Under the Dying Sun by the Fiendish Doctor Samsara in a play-by-post game….Here’s my first character. Here’s our OOC Thread on RPG.net.


Dea-láidir of the Pit

Trueman Slayer

STR: 10
DEX: 8
CON: 10
INT: 2
WIS: 6
CHA: 4
Sword Specialization

Dea-láidir was born in the breeding pit of Heseian the Unholy on the longest night of year, under a moonless sky. Because he was born strong and healthy, he was trained and conditioned, literally from birth to be a fighter in the gladiatorial arena.

When he came of age, he fought as a gladiator with great success. A sword in his hands came to be feared as he cut and carved his way to some reknown in the arena. As he was what may be termed “born in captivity”, he knows little of the ways of the world and is somewhat dim-witted. The concept of gaining his freedom by any means other than dying never occurred to him. But as the gods willed it; that was not to be his fate. During a brief uprising among the gladiators, one of his compatriots told him to “follow me”. So Dea-láidir did and in the process managed to escape…


Starting “Coins” 40

Bone Daggers x3 -27
Food for 3 Days -6

Total Remaining 7 coins

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