The Dunwich Horror: Meet the Twins, Part 4 The Invisibility of Wilbur’s Brother

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Lovecraftian Science


The Dunwich Horror by Doug Dougmann (

As previously mentioned, Wilbur’s twin appeared to have more of his father’s traits manifested phenotypically than Wilbur.  However, one of the most interesting of these traits was the fact that Wilbur’s twin was invisible.  How can a living entity be invisible?  This is the subject of discussion for this article.

Not until the very end of “The Dunwich Horror” is Wilbur’s twin actually visible by humans and this was accomplished by Dr. Armitage spraying it with some powder that he produced in the laboratory.  So how can something be invisible?  To answer this we need to talk a little bit about light.  When light hits an object, it can be reflected, refracted, diffracted or absorbed.

Reflection is changing the direction of the light wave once it hits a surface.


Reflection of light off of a surface (

Refraction is when the light wave…

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