Imperial Destiny Campaign: The Doom of Flammenarbe d’Arcanum

Wow….over 10 years on and off on this blog. I think it is time to shake things up, but here was post #1. #Gaming

High Adventure Games

Imperial Destiny Campaign — Entry for January 10, 2006

Flammenarbe d'Arcanum

Testing Testing 1 2…..Testing Testing 1 2 3…..

This is a sketch made with NBOS Character Sketcher Software ( of Flammenarbe d’Arcanum, my LATE Venator character in my friend’s Greyhawk D&D 3.25 campaign. Note that the campaign is a heavily modified Greyhawk based mostly on Roman History. Flamme died in a heroic battle vs. Giants in a cloud castle over a foreign world…

I figured this was a good way to get the gaming aspect of this blog off the ground. I’ve never kept a blog and am unsure whether I will enjoy doing so….stay tuned to find out.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

I later submitted this thread to the DMG2 to hopefully revitalize the group (see link to thread):…

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