The Arcanum

I just got this update from K. David Ladage on his 30th Anniversary Reprint/Refresh of the Atlantean System Kickstarter….I’m getting pretty excited.


…and statistics…
Posted by ZiLa Games (K. David Ladage) (Creator)
So, I was asked to provide a little more detail as to the state of the project:

Pages — the book — currently (see Artwork, below) — is 364 pages long. All of the text has been written and edited with the exception of the last two pages. These two pages will hold the Wall of Heroes — a listing of the names of all those that contributed high enough to be included. The names, as they will appear, will be based on a survey question, once those go out.

Artwork — Cory has done a lot of art for the book. In fact, it will all be his handiwork when it is all said and done. The artwork for the main body of the book (i.e., everything but the Bestiary chapter) is down to 28 pieces that remain. The Bestiary I need to do some adjustments to in order to get a solid count of the number of pieces that section will need. Depending upon what needs to happen there to get the artwork in, the number of pages within the book may go up slightly. I want to limit to book to 368 pages (personal reasons).

Bestiary — as indicated, I have some layout work to do in the Bestiary in order to fit in some art. Right now, that section includes thousands of potential encounters. That is because the chapter includes not only beast stats, but templates that can be applied to the beasts so as to alter them slightly or drastically as the Game Judge may desire. For example, the DARK template turns a creature into a demonic entity (e.g., DARK HORSE = Nightmare). It is really a chapter I am quite proud of, especially given how long it took me to write it.

Surveys — I will send out the surveys when it is near time to order the books and fulfill the orders. Addresses can change, and that is something I do not want to deal with. Call it being skittish if you wish. With all that went wrong the last time I attempted this, I want this to go as smoothly as possible. I assure you, surveys will go out, people will get their books, dice, character artwork, and so on.

Thanks all. I really appreciate you all for your support and continued patience.


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