Gamer Burnout on ENWorld

This is not an uncommon sentiment. For me, it has often led to tinkering, house-ruling, and homebrewing. In its  essence, this sentiment is the main reason there is a HAG blog at all (however infrequently I post here, the sentiment remains). Head over to ENWorld via the link to read the comments….there’s some sound advice in there.


This is hard to write. I may have to break up with D&D. Maybe I don’t love it anymore. Perhaps I never loved it. I think this because every time I think of the rules, they bother me. Like initiative, I use it but what choice do I have? Six second rounds eww. High level world changing spells and multiple planes of existence aren’t my cup of tea and never were.

The rules for each edition were slightly/heavily modified rules taken from a previous game. Sometimes they were easier to use or understand, sometimes not. As a result, they are simulacra or perhaps more accurately an eidolon. (See what I did there?) I feel like today’s D&D is a bit like heavily processed food. After a while I kinda crave something a little less processed. If they built a game from scratch to simulate(?) fantasy heroism(adventuring) I doubt it would resemble D&D. I understand why WotC wouldn’t do that though. I will definitely still play, because people play it, also I can and do still love the following. 

Swords and armor
Magic and Fantasy
Heroism and adventuring
Solving puzzles and riddles 
Monsters and characters from the various fantasy creators especially ones from or adjacent to D&D.

And I can find all of that in D&D and I haven’t found or made a replacement.

So I am right back where I started. 

Am I alone in this sentiment? Is this a symptom of being a player of rpgs? Is there a cure? Must I endure this sense of wrongness? Should I seek professioal help?



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