A new graphic art tool/toy – Bryce 6.1

Rl'yeh RisesI just received my copy of Bryce 6.1 from DAZ Productions and am enjoying playing with this powerful software. After installation, I was able to generate this island vista (Bryce is known for its vistas and its wonderful portrayal of water/reflections/shadows) in but a few minutes. I don’t even know where most of the controls are yet, let alone what they do. I will be posting more artwork, mostly likely focused on fantasy art (in support of Aega Mythea and Shadows of Reality) as I learn more about the program.

Incidentally, much of the original art you’ve seen to date has been generated by our very own Dr. Pazzazzu on the DAZ Studio software (FREE from DAZ Productions). DAZ is known for its smaller scale renderings (as opposed to vistas) and anatomically correct portrayals of people (stop snickering). Since Bryce and DAZ have interface functionality, you can expect to see some neato collaborations from the good Doctor and myself as we put these tools to good use…now where is that button for “add gore”?Tower at Hightide


Jeeze, just a little while longer (a couple of hours max) and I’m able to actually do some stuff on purpose. This eerie coastal tower at high tide was made with just the standard tool sets that come with Bryce. I’m starting to learn what tweaks do to surfaces, textures, etc. The amount of control that one has with this program is astounding. I’ve never been much of an artist so this is really amazing to me. Bryce totally gives me a way to develop evocative scenes for the website and, more importantly, my game publications. Aega Mythea may actually have some passable art in it.

Island ThingOk, one more in which I started playing with color filters, interference, textures, etc. It is not exactly the effect I was going for, but I am seeing the possibilities and learning what the knobs and dials do.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, High Adventure Games

Cthulhu Takes Calls #4

I have to give kudos to raincoaster for pointing this one out….I nearly spewed coffee. Uh oh, failed my sanity check…I have got to stop doing that…AAAAHHHHHHHH

~Adaen of Bridgewater

UPDATE: Against the orders of my psychiatrist and all better judgement, I  have continued my investigations into the paranormal and specifically of the Cthulhu Mythos. I have uncovered that apparently Cthulhu himself not only takes call, but maintains a website with a blog!

Big Time Game Developer

Big Time Game Designer

When Damianov said he was adding me to his blogroll on his Voyages in Eternity blog site, I had no idea I’d be put in a place of such prominence.

There I am between Chaosium, Inc. (RuneQuest, Call of Cthulhu, BRP, Stormbringer, Hawkmoon, etc.) and Iron Crown Enterprises (Rolemaster, Spacemaster, MERP, HARP, etc.), both of which have 25+ years designing games. I guess I’ve finally arrived. My day is here….

Look out, all you game designing choads, there’s another big dog on the blog…andThe HAG this time there’s a bitch…er, a HAG involved.

In a seemingly unrelated item, I have also taken the Barrowdowns Lord of the Rings Personality Quiz with the following result:


 The Barrow-Downs
Lord of the Rings
Personality Test

Based on your answers, you are most like

You were also very much like


 It looks like I pretty much rule. I’m most like the rightful heir of Numenorean (aka Atlantean) Royalty. Ties right in to my master plan:

 Phase I – Collect the world’s underpants, Phase III – World Domination.

 I rule.

Or not. Good night to all.


~Adaen of Bridgewater

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mmm yeah….this looks like quite a party

Doc Pazzazzu made this for Shadows of Reality. Cultists can really be a bitch to deal with. Apparently, this one wasn’t expecting any company or he might have dusted and vacuumed….or at least picked up the panties of his victim off the floor.


Cowthulhu Awakens…..

As a 10th level gamer-dad, I sometimes bring my kids to the local gamestore ( In my case, this is usually Bad Moo Games in New Providence, NJ and when I say kids, I am not referring to sacrificial goats). Anyway, the Great Kovalic‘s humorous take on the Great Cthulhu has made it to a T-shirt that is available at Bad Moo….My two-year-old daughter had to have it. Here she is modeling it (save identifiable facial exposure):

Cowthulhu Awakens!

While I’m talking about the Old Ones, I may as well give a shout out to my homey’s at http://www.yog-sothoth.com/ and make a sanity check…ah, shit…

!Adaen of Bridgewat……….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh@!