Krod Mandoon

Well Met All!krod1

I just watched the series premier of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire on Comedy Central. I have to say, I laughed…..and cried….and then laughed again….all about the same scene. Go figure. I see a lot of potential here.

The Geek Crowd will love it for various reasons. Its funny. Its fantasy. There’s sexy chicks in it. They poke fun at anything with a pulse…..and there’s a Flaming Sword of Fire. Gotta love it.

I will refrain from giving it a rating here….we’ll see what comes over the next few weeks. It might suck womp rat ass. I figure it takes at least a couple of episodes to see where it will go, but I’d love to hear any thoughts on this…


Mash-up RPG

warrior1OK, its time to build the PBP I mentioned here. I plan on doing two of these actually. The second, HAGIS: The Mythos Files, will essentially be The X-files meets Call of Cthulhu. I’ll table it for a bit since its a bit more complicated…plus my wife will be involved. She’s not a gamer as of yet, but has expressed an interest in such a game…in fact, I’m not sure if we’ll do that one as a PBP…It might need to be live. The first will be HAGIS: Atlantean Adventures (Aega Mythea?) and will be  set in the Atlantean world (High Swords & Sorcery a la Bard Games Atlantean Trilogy…with my own spin of course).

OK, Here’s the mix:

The Atlantean Trilogy (Bard Games’ The Arcanum, The Lexicon, and The Bestiary…the last two of those were also published as a combined volume called Atlantis: The Lost World). This will serve as the core setting. It is essentially our own Earth or proto-Earth before the Oceans drank Atlantis. It contains all the real-world cultures all mashed up anachronistically. This is my favorite setting of all time.

FUDGE/FATE – I like the aspects provision or Fate (kind of like the Spiritual Attributes of TRoS). We will be making free and frequent use of  metagame elements. In fact, I plan on the players having much more information than their characters do. It will be expected that player and character knowledge will be kept in different buckets…I’m going to think about how much interchange between these two will be permitted/encouraged. I also am looking at the 5by4 Magic system on Steffan O’Sullivan’s page….or maybe the Magical Medly system…hmm, need to think on this.

Castles & Crusades – I really love this game. I’m still not crazy about the Vanican Fire’n’Forget style magic, but its really not that hard to write that out. The point here is that I’m going to be using class-like structures, call them archetypes, whatever. Pretty much pick a class from any source D&D, C&C, The Arcanum, etc. and I’ll adapt it to our Mashup.

the HAGIS TriDie system – as previously discussed, roll three d20’s and use the median result (unless we have some meta-game funk going on and then either the hi or lo result is used….).

True20 – I’m looking at their positive/negative tags and their magic system.

No Kung-Fu is better than swords crap.  So monks and martial artists are pretty much out for this dance.

As I look at this, I realize that my Mash is a mess. That’s OK though; it was only intended as a brainstorming session. I will work on tightening this up and throwing some of it out….I only need *one* magic system for this. I can always try another one later.


Malbeth the Seer knows I’m bald and hung….

Suspended Hobbit (and Dwarf)I put in my birth month on the Malbeth the Seer section of The Barrow-Downs Middle-earth website and this is what I got…I’m just wondering how they know about my hair…..






Today’s Prophecy for March-born
13 February, 2008

The signs portend that great fame lies in thy future! All the Peoples of Middle-earth shall name thee “The hairless one”, and they shall sing songs in commemoration of the time thou choked the fierce eagle of the Blue Mountains with thy fist.
– Malbeth the Seer –

That kinda sounds like he’s saying that I choke the chicken, but that my chicken is so freakin’ great that the word “eagle” must be used. With that, I’m ok. Yeah.


Bryce Lighting, Ghost Ships, and Dead Cthulhu’s Pride

Secret CoveMy three-year old and I worked on this one together in Bryce. While we were sitting at the computer making picures, she indicated that she wanted to make a boat. Well I have wanted to do the same thing (using a neato DAZ Viking Galley that I found on line and hopefully some neato shadows). It was fun to do with her, but it made one abundantly clear:

I don’t know crap about how to do lighting/shadows properly in Bryce (or DAZ) and that I need to read the manual/do some tutorials (OK, I guess that’s two things). I am also going to have to take up Doc Pazzazzu on his offer to help me out with this (in real time using the screen/control-sharing capabilities of Zmesh.

I’d really like to render a decent “ship in the distance”-type image. Maybe a ghost ship (aka, just add some fog to cover up that I don’t know how to do the lighting shadows right yet). Anyway, I’ll be working on it. The Doc and I are suppose to work together on a image of the city of Avalon…..I’d also like to do Atlantis AND a distant shot of Mount Doom (Lord of the Rings).

Much of the artwork on the site are samples of Doc Pazzazzu’s work (some are only drafts which he is anxious to replace with his Uh oh....completed masterpieces…..”Damn Perfectionists”). There are a lot of new images in the queue that we can look forward to him sharing. Here is one he recently shared with me. He told me that his wife’s comment when she saw it was “Well, she might get away…..she has guns”. And to that I think we all know the proper response…..

Muh Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Sorry Mrs. Pazzazzu. That’s just how I see it in this picture…..especially as it portrays the dark, maddening world of the Mythos. Dead Cthulhu himself would be proud (if he could feel something so base as “pride”). That reminds me that I need to post my HAGIS Mythos development…, I need to finish it. I’ve actually been working on it very little due to lack of freetime/energy for computer work (I do a lot of computer work for the day job…and sometimes there’s just nothing left on that front when get home). To hold you all over (ok, to hold both of you over), I thought I’d link in some new “Calls for Cthulhu” off the old YouTube. Now direct to your psyche from R’lyeh-beneath-the-waves, we bring to you Dead Cthulhu:





Game Geeks: Atlantis Video Review

And here, again from YouTube, we have a video review of Atlantis: The Second Age from Morrigan Press…..essentially, the 4th Edition of the old Bard Games classic Atlantean Trilogy. Enjoy.

Cheers and Stuff,