I live….again

I  live…..again.  OK folks. I’ve officially arrived at a decision. I’m returning to the “active GM” chair. No more just tinkering with mechanics. I’ll aim my tinkering to a specific game/group. And it won’t be for a planned out, extensive campaign. It will be for a one-shot…just to play. That one-shot may grow into something bigger, but for now I’m aiming for a one-shot game. Details to follow…..but as a teaser, I’m thinking some Atlantean Fantasy goodness is in order.

[As an aside, I really need to trim the number of categories I have…..jeesh.]



ZeFRSRemember the original Conan RPG from the 80’s? So do these guys and it is magnificent! They’ve scrubbed this S&S classic of all the Conan intellectual property and represented Zeb Cook’s most excellent game as “Zeb’s Fantasy Roleplaying System” or “ZeFRS”. You’re welcome!


KidGame #1

As a gamer, one of the benefits of having children is that you’re building your future gaming group. My kids (daughter-5 and son-3) have been intrugued by gaming books, dice, and such since…well, since birth.  They’ve been bugging me to run a game for them for some time.  A few weeks ago, I did just that.

I’ve been doing interactive bedtime stories, complete with pixie’s, goblins, ogres, magic….the whole nine yards. In that vein I set up a freeform-ish D&D game. We used a d20. I would set a target number for any activities, they would roll, and I would interpret. It was a great time. I was particularly impressed with how my daughter riffed with the story line…tying her (Twinkledust the Pixie) character in. “Wait, I remember that guy, he tried to steal my wand one time!” (about the villian, Malagrim, who had just robbed her friend).

I’ve attached scans of their characters and some supporting cast…Can’t wait to play again.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

Cyclopedia + Forgotten Realms Original Set = Awesomeness

Doc Rotwang recently posted on his blog, I Waste The Buddha With My Crossbow: The Voices Are Whispering Their Strange Maths To Me, about using the most excellent D&D Rules Cyclopedia with the Forgotten Realms setting….from the original Boxed Set.

I loved that set….it was from a simpler time before the power escalation, Time of Troubles crap-fest. Don’t get me wrong, I liked playing Baldur’s Gate, but somehow the storyline that preceded it and all the canon material that’s been built up over the years is a bit much.

He goes on to flesh out some specifics  on what his game will be about.…Rotwang, always the master mixer, is bringin’ some Swashbuckling to Sembia. It sounds like a fun game. Thanks for the inspiration, good Doctor!

I’m setting up a game with my kids and grabbed those very materials….not so much for the rules really (my kids are 3 and 5), but more for inspiration (and pictures for the kids). We’ll be using some simpler, off-the-cuff rules in our game….and it looks like ours will feature pixies….I’ll be posting more on this later.


Reading the Draft

Tied in with traveling, I’ve been busy reading the draft of my friend’s new novel. Its a fantasy piece and, quite frankly, I’m floored….it’s that good. It is based on a setting originally conceived as a part of our gaming, but expanded upon and polished. I’m under a gag order to say more, but will be looking forward to the day I can formally announce publication here. Way to be, Wraith.