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Monster Camp

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on October 12, 2009

CarterI’ve posted before about “gamer movies” (that is, movies *about* gamers):  Gold, The Gamers (crap, I just realized that I’ve never posted on The Gamers before….note to self, do so),  etc.  I don’t personally do much LARP (though I have on occasion….Doc Pazzazzu puts together some neat stuff). Here’s the site for a indie movie about the whole LARP set…its called Monster Camp.

I’ve never done any LARPing *that* elaborate (no costumes and such)….snigger, snigger.  Then again,  we were playing modern day Cthulhu as ourselves (no costumes actually needed) so perhaps my snooty, I’m not *that geeky* is unfair.  If you are a casual gamer, just come here for the


movie reviews, or are here completely by accident (that Megan Fox tag  in the previous post might have brought you here), a Geek Hierarchy has been developed by the “Brunching Shuttlecocks” (reproduced here via the Creative Commons). Enjoy,



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mmm yeah….this looks like quite a party

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on January 13, 2007

Doc Pazzazzu made this for Shadows of Reality. Cultists can really be a bitch to deal with. Apparently, this one wasn’t expecting any company or he might have dusted and vacuumed….or at least picked up the panties of his victim off the floor.


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