The Stars Over Mestea

One of my fellow members (Maurice Forester) at the YahooGroup that’s dedicated to the old Bard Games “Atlantean Trilogy” has an excellent writeup for his short ( but sweet) campaign “The Stars Over Mestea” on his website:


It makes for a good read and I personally find it very inspiring in working on my own gaming endeavors. I know, I know; it is pretty geeky reading other people’s campaign write-ups for out-of-print games…. and I’m guilty as charged.

I’m actually hoping to get our own Doc Pazzazzu to post some of his geeky, gaming goodness sometime soon. Now those were some good times in Atlantis, let me tell you. Come-on, Doc. Doesn’t the Lay of Elric, Adaen, & Slash deserve to to be told again?

[uh huh huh huh….Hey, Beavis….he said “Lay”]

The Atlantean Sword…

The Fabled City of Atlantis….

This here is the sword of my fathers whose might welled from Atlantis. It hath served well in their hands and in mine own and awaits to be again called to battle…

~From the Chronicles of Eairis, Warrior-Bard of Avalonia