Non-urgent Adventures and Campaigns?

Some very good adventures/mini-adventures in which time is not a prime driver from over on ENWorld. Checkout the discussion in the comments for sure!




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Non-urgent Adventures and Campaigns?

This thread got me thinking. I’ve been reading too many published adventures lately that all have a timer of some sort. Some big bad Thing is going down, and the adventurers need to stop it. What kind of adventure/campaign can be constructed where taking a week-long rest doesn’t result in towns destroyed, kidnapped princesses sacrifced, or the BBEG inching closer to his plan?

What are some plot hooks that allow for downtime?

  • Artifact search. Nothing bad happens if they don’t find it, it’s just a cool thing to discover. Perhaps a rival treasure-seeker to racket up the tension when needed.
  • Survive. There might be a clock, but the goal is to run it out. Fight off monsters on the island until rescued. Find your way to the portal out of the Feywild.

What are some other ones?

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition out this month — Internet Ninja

Neverwinter Nights is (coming) back as an Enhanced Edition! Can’t wait to dig in. It has been a long time since I’ve played any #NWN and I’m overdue! Check out the full post at the link below!



Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, the revamped re-release of BioWare’s 2002 wizard ’em up, is due to launch on March 27th. That’s the news from revampers Beamdog, whose prior retromancy includes revamping Planescape: Torment and overhauling Baldur’s Gate then making a new expansion for it. Like those, Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition has fancier pictures, though NWN […]

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Star Trek Adventures & The 2d20 System

Very interested in both of these…


via Star Trek Adventures & The 2d20 System

Modiphius Entertainment recently released the core book PDF for their latest roleplaying game product, Star Trek Adventures. It was big news when Modiphius announced the license for Star Trek last year and this is their big release, along with Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of.

Preview of Talislanta: The Savage Land

New Talislanta schtuff! #Sechi #Talislanta…

Talislanta Incognita

Over on Facebook and Kickstarter Steve Sechi has posted a few preview pages of the upcoming Talislanta: The Savage Land book being prepared for printing this year. It looks gorgeous. The book is full-cover, with splendid interior design, painted illustrations and new typography, finally giving Talislanta a professional look that’s been absent for a long time.

The game will support “Classic Talislanta” (meaning a modified 2nd edition, it seems), Open d6 and “5th Edition” (Dungeons & Dragons) rulesets, but because of low demand will not publish the promised Savage Worlds or Pathfinder conversions.

Some minor notes: the stat blocks seem to show that variable damage (using dice rather than fixed values) is back. Fixed values were introduced in 4th edition and carried over into 5th, so this change definitely harkens back to earlier editions, something I can fully support. A few of the archetypes are marked as “NPC Only”, meaning…

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