What the Hell is an “Aluminum Falcon”?

10ppmswmilleniumfalcon2I just rediscovered this page that compares the size of spacecraft, etc. from all walks of Sci-Fi. It really is tfc (totally fucking cool). Someone had a lot of time on their hands…and have inspired me to run a Sci-Fi game….if only I had a lot of time on my hands.

It would be cool if they had specs from games like Traveller, Star Frontiers, etc….but since those games tend to include all these specs, it should be too hard to append them for game use. Cool, Cool site for any sci-fi geek.


Update of NBOS: Fractal Mapper

Well, I now have the updated version of Fractal Mapper (v8). Along with that comes the add-on program, Fractal World Explorer, that provides export AVI’s for created planets. This version on YouTube is a little distorted (due to differing ratios), but I’ll work on that. Kinda neat anyway.


NBOS Part II: Look, Look at the BONES….er, the maps

Flat Map....TestWow, I just started playing with the NBOS Fractal World Explorer/NBOS Fractal Mapper. Within like 10 minutes I was able to create a map like this. Also, take a look at the globe view of the same. These maps can be tweaked or majorly modified to my heart’s content and can be combined with the NBOS FractalGlobe 001 Mapper (comes with Fractal World Explorer), AstroSynthesis, Screen Monkey, InspirationPad, etc. Pretty freakin’ cool. And all of this from  a program (or suite of programs if  you’re planning on interfacing with NBOS’  other programs) that cost much less than the competition (uhem, ProPhantasy, I’m looking in your general direction). Again, I emote: Pretty freakin’ cool.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

NBOS Gaming Tools are Cool – See J. K. Mann

I’ve gotten back to building (er, rebuilding) my PC back up to its former, pre-crashJ. K. Mann glory. Slowly but surely, things are shaping up. I’ve recovered all my personal files (family photos, music files, untold hours of work….you get the picture). Anyway, the other night, my two-and-a-half-year old daughter and I reinstalled the NBOS suite of gaming software. We had decided that we were going to use the Character Sketcher to draw a man.

I posted some of the images that I’ve made for campaign purposes before. They’re a little cartoonish and are limited to headshots, but they’re quick and dirty, AND, they do help with the whole shared perspective thingie in terms of what characters look like.

This time at bat with the Character Sketcher, I let my offspring make all the decisions: colors, nose, hair, beard, armaments, the works. Here’s what she came up with. She even named him J. K. Mann.

I was so pleased with how she did (in like 15 minutes no less) that I thought I’d post J. K. here, give my kudos to the folks at NBOS, and purchase the upgrade to NBOS AstroSynthesis program (that generates 3-D Star Charts, and all sorts of neato Sci-Fi schtuff). I’ve just started to play with that. I’ll post once I’ve had some time to see how things work.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, HAG Steward

Cool Sci Fi Site – Terraonova: The Planet of the Day

The Planet of the DayWhile showing internet pictures of real planets to my daughter, I found this neat page called Terranova: The Planet of the Day that displays a graphically generated “Planet of the Day”.  I’ve inset the picure url below. It should update every day, so check back here or there. There’s a link on the Terranova page to the software for generating these as well.

Further inspection of the Terranova page indicates that it is part of a larger website created by John Walker called Fourmilab. The site looks to be a treasure trove to the Science Fiction/Technology enthusiasts…..to us Geeks. My friend Exussum would dig it the most….I must say, I’m really getting into the Sci Fi gaming mode again. I may need a break from designing my fantasy game. That may change after our Imperial Destiny Session this coming Sunday….

~Adaen of Bridgewater, HAG