Star Trek TOS

And we’re back….just imagine, that it was a really long commercial break and you got yourself a sandwich and a beer. Anyway, I just thought I’d  begin to update you on what I’ve been up to. Life is settling in to the new routine (new job for S, new school schedule for the minions, new boss at work, etc. and so forth).

On the geek front, I haven’t been doing any gaming really, but that is shortly to change as I’m lining up some time to run some Aega Mythea with some old gaming buddies(Think D&D/C&C/The Atlantean Trilogy meet the mad mechanisations of Adaen) and a game is pending with S and the minions (score!).

In the mean time, I’ve started watching Star Trek. The Original Star Trek. All the way back to the pilot. And I had forgotten just how cool it was and still is. And let me tell you, there is some seriously hot chicks on that show. Case in point, the lovely Sherry Jackson: “Andrea the Android” from the “What are Little Girls Made Of?“. Here’s a link to a really good summary and some other stuff. Ok, ok….the pictures are just gratuitous hotness, but I thought I’d make the post worth while for those who don’t care much about my gaming/watching activities. Loveliness aside, watching the old series after so many years, really makes me want to run a space game…Maybe it is time to crack open the Star Siege? Hmmm. I’ll leave you with that thought….more stuff to come.


Krod Mandoon

Well Met All!krod1

I just watched the series premier of Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire on Comedy Central. I have to say, I laughed…..and cried….and then laughed again….all about the same scene. Go figure. I see a lot of potential here.

The Geek Crowd will love it for various reasons. Its funny. Its fantasy. There’s sexy chicks in it. They poke fun at anything with a pulse…..and there’s a Flaming Sword of Fire. Gotta love it.

I will refrain from giving it a rating here….we’ll see what comes over the next few weeks. It might suck womp rat ass. I figure it takes at least a couple of episodes to see where it will go, but I’d love to hear any thoughts on this…



A little while back, I got the following message as a pending comment on the  “About HAG” page:

Submitted on 2009/01/23 at 11:48pm

This is David. I’m a long time tabletop RPGer who got my first taste of 1st Ed AD&D in 1986. I just wanted to let you know about my current project — a web series comedy about professional role playing gamers: GOLD.

Maybe you decide to write about it (that’s be nice). Or, maybe not. Either way, I’d love you to watch it.

“GOLD” follows the American and British Goblins & Gold RPG teams as they prepare for the World Role Playing Games Championships. Told in traditional narrative style with a mix of drama and subtle comedy, “GOLD” is both a comic look at the American portrayal of sports in television and film, and a loving tribute to the wonderful world of traditional, pen-and-paper style role playing games.

Anyway, we’ve three episodes so far, with four more on the way to round out our first season. New episodes are posted monthly. We’d love you to stop by and check it out:


David Nett, Executive Producer, GOLD

sam_1024x768Well, I really didn’t have time to take a look right then and then well, sort of forgot about it. This morning, I remembered and decided to take a look while everyone is still asleep….and its totally hilarious! Not since “The Gamers” have I laughed so hard at silly gaming goodness. I encourage you to take a look. I plan on enjoying Episode 2 later today….and 3 when it comes out on the 20th.


GOLD: Episode 1 (SD) from David Nett on Vimeo.


Behold, The Dungeons & Dragons Complete Animated Series…

dnadd_cartoonOK, I admit it. I bought it….and it was even more horrible than I remembered….and I remembered it being a little cheezy, but what’s a little cheese between friends? Right? Right? Anyone?

I justified the $31.99 by telling myself, the kids will like itgummibears in a couple of years….just like I did with the Gummi Bears Cartoon. They love that one (and so do I)…smart purchase. But the D&D cartoon…Well, I was alone in the house yesterday. I broke open the package, popped it in, and hopped on the treadmill (with the volume cranked so I’d be able to hear). Egads, it was like watching a train wreck. I didn’t get past the first episode (and not just because I run like a wuss). Not that I won’t watch more later….I am a glutton for punishment.

I guess I just wanted it to be better. It just felt like a hodge-podge of cool elements all thrown together in a blender. If it were food going into the blender, it would be a lamb chop, a piece of chocolate cake, and my gym socks set on puree.

I’m still glad I have it though…I guess nostalgia counts for something.


Movie Review – The X Files: I Want to Believe


The X Files: I Want to Believe was a poor attempt to revive the X Files for movies.

This uninspired ghost from the past just gets a 6.

While the usual elements were there, it was the pale reflection of a good episode. The studio limited the budget to $30 million (avg budget is around $70m these days) to reduce the risk of a lack of appeal to general audiences. The movie is set post-trial (last season finale) and Mulder has been in hiding for years. Fox and Scully are pretty much themselves but with a clumsy attempt to show that they have changed or moved on with their lives. It seemed like a half-hearted attempt to grow the characters. Failure of mission. Gillian Anderson seems to have aged significantly. She seems to be shrouded in a cloud of bad times and sorrow. Assistant Director Skinner makes a brief cameo adding little more than nostalgia.

The plot was interesting but lacked energy. The FBI offers amnesty to Mulder if he will help them determine if a psychic can help them find a missing agent. It actually developed kind of well and had a pretty interesting ending. However, they should have spent more time, detail and special effects dollars on the plot at the end. That would have stepped up the energy and interest.

It was nice to see two Battlestar alums in the cast. Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben the Cylon) plays one of the bad guys and does a nice job but nothing very impressive. The other was the priestess from Gemenon as a doctor interacting with Scully via video-conference. At least it looked like her.

Sadly, this was essentially a long, mediocre X Files episode. I write this with a heavy heart as the X Files is one of my all time favorite shows.