Thundercat Bloopers

Greetings and Happy Friday,

I was up talking to my brother last night and he told me about an audio file that’s online of Hoooooooooooo“Thundercat Bloopers”. Yes, that’s right The Thundercats, that cheezy 80’s cartoon about “furries” (before they were even called “furries”)….you know, those anthropomorphic cats with SciFi Tech and the mythical “Sword of Omens”. Cheesy, and yet we could not look away.

Anyway, it is pretty racyMumm-Ra (cursing/foul language, whatever), but I found the blooper audio here. If you lived through the Wrath of Mumm-Ra, you may appreciate it. A look further down the page of my Google-search turned up this….a video blooper of the same sort….I have to say, I laughed long and hard….er, milk came out of my nose….

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Game Geeks: Atlantis Video Review

And here, again from YouTube, we have a video review of Atlantis: The Second Age from Morrigan Press…..essentially, the 4th Edition of the old Bard Games classic Atlantean Trilogy. Enjoy.

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New Geek Movie Out today – Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

Robotech CoverHaving two small children in the house, the youngest of whom recently turned the four-month mark, I am more than a little out-of-the-loop in terms of popular media (e.g., TV, movies, etc.). I love movies, but I just don’t have the time much anymore. I do make some time to do look around the web though from time to time.

While looking tonight, I noted an ad on one of my favorite sites, RPGnet for Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Movie. It features the voices of two giants in Geek Culture, Mark Hamill and Chase Masterson.


Chase Skywalker

 Here’s my first attempt at adding a YouTube bit:

Yeah, I’m going to have to look at some reviews on this….I’m thinking that this will be a DVD purchase. That’s not to say that I’m “going to wait for DVD” because I think its going to suck or somesuch, I’m just lucky if I make it out to a movie once a year or so.  That and it looks like it might be an “own it!” type movie anyway.

 This all reminds me that I’m really dying to get some info on good Sci-Fi tabletop Roleplaying Games. Back in the day, we played a lot of Star Frontiers. I’m not sure that is what we need right now. I’m sure I could adapt it/update it, but perhaps this has been done already. So any feedback on Sci Fi games that you love/could recommend, would be greatly appreciated. And with that, I’m off to bed.

~Adaen of Bridgewater, HAG Steward

Beckham and USA Soccer

So Beckham is giving up life in Europe, where he is exhalted as a minor diety for his kicking skills for a measley $250 million. He is already rich. What is his motivation?

Do not be surprised if Mrs. Beckham (Posh Spice) suddenly starts showing up in movies and tv shows…

~Elric the Damned, HAG