Cowthulhu Awakens…..

As a 10th level gamer-dad, I sometimes bring my kids to the local gamestore ( In my case, this is usually Bad Moo Games in New Providence, NJ and when I say kids, I am not referring to sacrificial goats). Anyway, the Great Kovalic‘s humorous take on the Great Cthulhu has made it to a T-shirt that is available at Bad Moo….My two-year-old daughter had to have it. Here she is modeling it (save identifiable facial exposure):

Cowthulhu Awakens!

While I’m talking about the Old Ones, I may as well give a shout out to my homey’s at and make a sanity check…ah, shit…

!Adaen of Bridgewat……….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh@!

Aega Mythea – Place Holder….More soon

Aega Mythea (AM) is a fantasy role-playing game set in a heroic age of swords and sorcery; a time of dragons and wizards, giants and elves, as well as the forgotten power of Atlantis. This is a mythic age in which a lone hero with a sword and determination can save a kingdom; a time of High Adventure.

Aega Mythea utilizes the High Adventure Game Integrated System (HAGIS TM). HAGIS is intended to facilitate robust, heroic game play, to explore conflicts the players care about, and to generate satisfying stories. The rules are structured to emulate great works of literary fiction, cinematic masterpieces, and the like.

A common theme in fiction is that of succeeding against the odds, often at the most critical and dramatic moments. The single arrow felling the terrible dragon to fulfill a nearly forgotten prophecy, the outnumbered hero vanquishing his monstrous foes in the face of certain death to avenge the savage murder of his family, and the scrawny adolescent defeating the evil overlord’s champion in single combat to save his one true love are all examples of this theme. They are exciting stories that are common in fiction. Even in historical accounts these “underdog” themes are present, if by only the fact that they are the stories that are most noteworthy and therefore remembered.

Players are encouraged to take on the roles of three-dimensional characters who are fully a part of the world in which they live; who have hopes and dreams; who feel passion, love, and hatred; who care about something…even if that something is no more than survival.

And Halloween winds down…

Good Evening All,
I’ve been toiling away at getting the website/blog properly formatted. It isn’t yet done, but it is shaping up. I have to say, I am very happy so far with as a site provider (I still use Yahoo for my domain management though). The work on the new site, however, has precluded me to generating new content. Ah, tomorrow is another day. To all a good night. I leave you with this…

pumpkin of doom

~Adaen of Bridgewater

Entry for October 20, 2006

Entry for October 20, 2006

As an avid gamer and collector of classic role-playing games, I often end up with “doubles” in my collection. As such, I’ve listed a couple of lots of these extra items on ebay. Here’s your chance to acquire one of two (or both) interesting lots of games/accessories.

LOT A: The Fantasy Lot – Some old favorties that are out of print now.


1) Powers & Perils Fantasy Roleplaying Game (Boxed): Box is a little battered, but the rules are in worn, but intact condition. Four rules booklets + One scenario (County Mordara); no dice or other accessories included). This groundbreaking game from Avalon Hill (1983) has a lot of crunch and is an old favorite of mine. Though it leans towards the complex side of the gaming spectrum, it is a lot of fun. Perfect for Swords & Sorcery. Lots of good bits to extract into whatever fantasy game you are using now.

2) CB2 Conan – Against Darkness: This adventure scenario (module) from TSR (1984) is for AD&D Levels 10-14 (with some optional modifications to better emulate the Hyborian World of Conan). It includes some characters from the Hyborian world, including Conan. I’m a big fan of Hyboria/Atlantean themed Sword & Sorcery games, and this plays right into that. Easily adaptable to an ongoing campaign or for the OGL Conan Game currently produced by Mongoose. d20/Dungeons and Dragons 3E, Morrigan’s Atlantis: The Second Age, Rolemaster, HARP, Palladium, GURPS, Earthdawn, Masterbook, RuneQuest, Burning Wheel, Aega Mythea, The Riddle of Steel, etc. would also work well here.

3) The Chronicles of Talislanta: This volume by Stephan Michael Sechi (creator of Talislanta and the Atlantean Trilogy) was penned in 1987. It is a narrative account by Tamerlin the Explorer and Wizard of the lands of Talislanta (famous for its “No Elves” tag-line). This is truly an alien world with strong influences by Vance (the fiction author). Nice black and white artwork throughout. Might make a really neat “other world” for your d20/GURPS/HERO/Rolemaster characters to visit. The cover is a bit dinged by the spine (see photo), but the pages are clean.

4) SFKH1 Dramune Run: This adventure module for the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game (1984) is one of my favorites. It is a SciFi game accessory that is very “Star Wars” in flavor, complete with smugglers, organized crime, and all sorts of political situations. This is one of my favorites. It would work well for d20 Future, Star Wars, Traveler, Other Suns, Star Trek, GURPS. It is in worn, but good condition.

Will ship to US. Others please email me prior to bidding. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. Those using personal checks will have to wait for them to clear before I ship. Paypal accepted.

LOT B -0 The Espionage Lot:

All of the items in this lot could be adapted to any game system in a modern setting such as: GURPS Espionage, Top Secret, Top Secret SI, Spies, Indiana Jones, Spygame, Ronin, Spy, Secret Agent, Daredevils, James Bond 007-Roleplaying in Her Majesty’s Secret Service (Victory), MISSION, HERO, Palladium, Sprycraft, d20 Modern, d20 Future, etc. All items are out of print. Included in this lot:

1) Goldfinger II: The Man with the Midas Touch(Boxed): Box is a new, in shrinkwrap. This is an adventure for the James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game from Victory Games (1984). Based on Ian Flemmings classic tales of James Bond.

2) You Only Live Twice (Boxed): Box is a new, in shrinkwrap. This is an adventure for the James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game from Victory Games (1985). Based on Ian Flemmings classic tales of James Bond.

3) TSE3 – Web Wars: New, in shrinkwrap. This is an adventure for the Top Secret SI game (from TSR 1989, not the Top Secret Game listed below, but adaptation should be rather easy).

4) Top Secret: The original Top Secret role-playing game from TSR (1981, Second Edition). This is the rulebook (no dice included) + two copies of the classic Administrator File 001 (adventure module) – Operation: Sprechenhaltestelle (Code Name: Pisces). The rule book is a bit battered and the cover has separated from the pages, but the pages are pretty clean still. The modules are still in pretty good shape (especially considering they’re 25 years old). This game is an old favorite. I still have my copy and a spare. This is my third copy. (See the picture for condition)

Will ship to US. Others please email me prior to bidding. Please ask all questions prior to bidding. Those using personal checks will have to wait for them to clear before I ship. Paypal accepted.

Please check my other auctions.

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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