A little while back, I got the following message as a pending comment on the  “About HAG” page:

Submitted on 2009/01/23 at 11:48pm

This is David. I’m a long time tabletop RPGer who got my first taste of 1st Ed AD&D in 1986. I just wanted to let you know about my current project — a web series comedy about professional role playing gamers: GOLD.

Maybe you decide to write about it (that’s be nice). Or, maybe not. Either way, I’d love you to watch it.

“GOLD” follows the American and British Goblins & Gold RPG teams as they prepare for the World Role Playing Games Championships. Told in traditional narrative style with a mix of drama and subtle comedy, “GOLD” is both a comic look at the American portrayal of sports in television and film, and a loving tribute to the wonderful world of traditional, pen-and-paper style role playing games.

Anyway, we’ve three episodes so far, with four more on the way to round out our first season. New episodes are posted monthly. We’d love you to stop by and check it out:


David Nett, Executive Producer, GOLD

sam_1024x768Well, I really didn’t have time to take a look right then and then well, sort of forgot about it. This morning, I remembered and decided to take a look while everyone is still asleep….and its totally hilarious! Not since “The Gamers” have I laughed so hard at silly gaming goodness. I encourage you to take a look. I plan on enjoying Episode 2 later today….and 3 when it comes out on the 20th.


GOLD: Episode 1 (SD) from David Nett on Vimeo.


Update of NBOS: Fractal Mapper

Well, I now have the updated version of Fractal Mapper (v8). Along with that comes the add-on program, Fractal World Explorer, that provides export AVI’s for created planets. This version on YouTube is a little distorted (due to differing ratios), but I’ll work on that. Kinda neat anyway.