Aega Mythea


Sword and Horn

Greetings Seeker,

In thy quest for the hidden lore, you have risked much, traveled far, and at last come to the realms in which few dare to tread…. You have boldly entered our domain and your stoutness of spirit shall not go unrewarded. Herein, we will share the knowledge and wisdom that we have gathered through the ages. But where to start? Would ye know of the mythic ages, of Atlantean sorceries, the power of Fey spirits, or the terrors that dwell in the shadows of reality? All these things and more will we share with thee…Let us tell you of the days of High Adventure….



3 thoughts on “Aega Mythea

  1. Elric

    So I finally took a look at your site. I cannot figure out how to actually look at your game or Pazzazzu’s. Maybe it’s just 2am and my mind is gone…

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