The High Adventure Game Implemental System…We’re developing this baby as we speak!

HAGIS is an ongoing project to develop and share targeted tools to aid in game design or in the modification of existing games (via House Rules). It can be used as a whole or can be ported over/adapted to whatever game (or system) you happen to prefer in a piecemeal fashion. HAGIS is a system of modular parts: Principles and Ingredients that can be rendered into Recipes.

HAGIS is the mechanics engine that drives Aega Mythea.  As such, Aega Mythea is a HAGIS Recipe. HAGIS is an ongoing effort that will be reflected in this blog. At some point, the entirety of the HAGIS material will be gathered, refined into a formal document (or documents), and published (in some manner or other).

Click here to see all of the material that’s been marked with the HAGIS tag here on WordPress.

Check back soon….

~Adaen of Bridgewater

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