TFE and Adult

I have long wondered why my Star Trek Inspirational Posters post has been so popular. Actually, it has kind of pissed me off. I mean, that post is only tangentially related to the subject of this blog. Uggggh!

Today, I went and actually looked at it and immediately saw why. I tagged it with the word “adult”….enough said. People came to it looking for porn….or images of dirty, dirty sex (dds). So, to test this theory, I’ve added some suspect tags to this post. My apologies if you were looking for naked coeds….I hope you will forgive my “scientific” exploration of the Stupidity of Humanity (SoH).

A second thought has just occurred to me….it could be that Kirk is just *that sexy*…..could it be?


Star Trek Inspirational Posters

A good friend of mine sent me a link to what could be termed an “Inspirational Star Trek Site”. Definitely funny for fans of the show or “Inspirational Posters/Slogons”. (Edit – Dead site, but I found a similar to replace the broken link AoB 20171005)

I was leafing through it with my brother who commented that the Gorn in this picture kind looks like “Barney”….

Goddamn Captain

I told him it was Barney….and trust me; I have a two-year old. I know the Evil that is Barney. You be the judge.

Evil Incarnate

~Adaen of Bridgewater