Gratuitous Megan Fox Pic

Let’s see what this does…

I’ve been fairly dormant on the site and recently noticed that they had retired my theme (Bye bye, Andreas 09…) and that it was not working in some very key ways (like navigating to the blog from the main page).

So we have a new look (Hello Lovecraft….wait are those the Mountains of Madness? Sweet!). We’ll continue to tweak it as the business is a bit much still, so bear with us.

So this old post of Megan Fox in her underwear pulled all kinds traffic back in the day. Let’s see if it is a good jump start to the reconstituted Blog. I’ll be posting much more regularly now on the progress of our fledgling campaign (D&D 5E, thank you very much).


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Just because…

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Monster Camp (via High Adventure Games)

I totally forgot about this post and that I’d inserted a photo of Megan Fox! But why is it working all of a sudden? Hmmm.


Monster Camp I’ve posted before about “gamer movies” (that is, movies *about* gamers):  Gold, The Gamers (crap, I just realized that I’ve never posted on The Gamers before….note to self, do so),  etc.  I don’t personally do much LARP (though I have on occasion….Doc Pazzazzu puts together some neat stuff). Here’s the site for a indie movie about the whole LARP set…its called Monster Camp. I’ve never done any LARPing *that* elaborate (no costumes and such … Read More

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Movie Review – Jennifer’s Body (via High Adventure Games)

Wow! For whatever reason, the number of visitors to the HAG site has sky-roceted due to “Megan Fox” web searches directing people here…possibly due to this post. I suspect these aren’t quality hits though really as they don’t click on anything or leave comments. They’re probably looking for nude photos. I thought it was interesting though. I wonder what’s caused this.


Movie Review - Jennifer's Body Jennifer’s Body is a classic teen slasher movie about cheerleaders and demonic possession. If I were17 again, I would have given it more than the 6 (leaning towards 5) that old me gives it now. I had arrived at the theater with no time to spare to see Paranormal Activity when the ticket chick said that only the first 3 rows of seats were available.  After a panicked scan of the other movie times, I decided on Jennifer’s Body (maybe it’s nostalgia … Read More

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