LesIsMor – The Purge is at Hand

In the spirit of the new year, we’re looking to cut down on the clutter….And this includes games. I’m a great collector of games and gaming schtuff with a penchant for #compleatism. It is time to cut through this and unload some of the gaming stash. “WHAT?!?!”, you say. “WHAT BLASPHEME IS THIS?!?!?”. Some explanation may be in order.

Last year, I had a mortality-affirming experience that reminded me there are only so many days left on this ball of rock and wonder. Only so many more books to read, movies to watch, games to play….and there are only so many more hugs (and other more important schtuff). Whatever, I digress. I’ve decided to keep the stuff I’m really likely to use and get rid of the rest.

As part of this process I’m planning a series of mini-reviews as a sort of send off for these items. It isn’t that these items, games, etc. are bad products. It is just that my tastes have changed, I’ve found something I like more, etc…..I’m just not likely to play them. So I’d rather have them in the hands of someone who will. And don’t worry; I’ll post a disclaimer in the reviews that I’m planning to part with said product (full disclosure and all that). I’m also likely to post some reviews of stuff I’m planning to keep and use (or already use)….these should be fun. In any case, I plan on writing here a lot more.

Watch this space as the Purge unfolds. Happy New Year!


Movie Review – Fish Tank

Fish Tank tells the story of a girl who knows nothing of Norman Rockwell.

This dark story earned an 8 and is worth making your evening sad.

After watching this movie, I felt that the world had become a little darker.

Mia is a troubled 15 year old growing up in the dirty tenements of London or some other hopeless industrial town in England. At least the only part of the city that is shown is the bedraggled portion. Her mother is an unloving, drunk trollop, and no mention of father at all. Mia doesn’t seem to have anyone close to her and lives in emotional isolation in a rough world. All of that begins to change once her mother brings home a new boyfriend who reaches out to Mia and encourages her to pursue her dancing and to be a nicer person. She is not terribly cooperative, and the rest you will have to see for yourself.

Katie Jarvis is excellent as Mia. Her sturm und drang are exquisitely portrayed in fits of rage and recklessness. One can feel total sympathy for her plight while not agreeing with her handling of it. The portrayal of her mother and sister also capture well the coarseness and futility of life in the tenements. The acting was good by the others, too, but Mia is the life and blood of the film. The plot and story are good. It is just very depressing.

As we reminisce about our own difficult teen years, this movie will remind most of us that it wasn’t really that bad after all.

This movie is powerful and sad, but I strongly recommend it.

~Elric the Damned