My three favorite movie sword duels

It probably won’t be a surprise that I am a big fan of movie sword play. There’s just something about the direct personal conflict in a one-on-one duel…particularly with swords (though I’m a big fan of the Western quick-draw duel as well. Anyway, I found my two favorite duels on You Tube. I own both movies, but here are the duels themselves, separate from the movies The first, comes from The Princess Bride. Though not a realistic sword fight, it is really well done and highly amusing to boot:

The second is the final duel from Rob Roy. It appears to be highly authentic and I ‘d have to say it is probably my all-time favorite movie duel.

Pretty good, right?

I wasn’t able to find the third…I’m wondering if anyone might guess what it is.

Update (2007DEC07): I found it! The sword fight in Hamlet (the Mel Gibson version)….This is the Siskel & Ebert review starting at minute 1:45

~Adaen of Bridgewater