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YouTube – Vin Diesel reveals his inner geek

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on November 4, 2009

I knew that Vin Diesel was an avid D&D player, but only recently saw this interview. Enjoy.


YouTube – Vin Diesel reveals his inner geek.

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Vin Diesel on D&D

Posted by Adaen of Bridgewater on January 4, 2008

Vin Diesel from I’ve heard for a long time that the actor Vin Diesel was a D&D player, but really hadn’t looked too much into it until this evening. Here’s an interview I found.

That got me thinking a bit about Celebrity Gamers and this list of suspected and confirmed Celeb Gamers at on Matt Forbeck’s Blog. It turns out a lot of celebrities and famous people are gamers. Besides Vin Diesel; Wil Wheaton, Robin Williams, Kevin Smith, Sean Ashton, The Barenaked Ladies, Curt Schilling, Daryl Hannah, Dave Chappelle, Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Weezer, Marcy Playground, Stephen Colbert…and who knows who’s still in the closet.

Can’t you picture George W. and Dick getting together to put down a couple of goblins?

GWB (DM): DC, will you roll for initiative damn it?

DC: What’s your hurry Dubble-ya?

GWB: You know I’ve got that web conference with Putin in an hour. He’s gonna want to play Star Fleet Battles again. I want to wrap this up before then so I can have a clear head for that. Last time he handed me my ass…His Klingon Birds-of-Prey totally mangled my Federation Dreadnought. Now roll.

DC: Alright, alright. I got a 9 + dex bonus + the ring…15

GWB: Ok, you beat the terroists….I mean the kobolds. What are you going to do?

DC: How many are there?

GWB: There’s like 8 or 10 of them. One of them has a backpack and looks like he going to run toward you…

DC: Damn, I bet there’s alchemists’ fire in that backpack….a suicide-bomber kobold! I shoot him with my crossbow!

GWB: Ok, roll to hit.

DC: 26..no 27. Total of 27. Does that hit?

GWB: You betya. Roll damage.

DC: 8, is that enough?

GWB: Yep. You totally skewer that dirty little, suicide-bombing, salad-tossing, communist kobold bastard! And he goes down like the chump that he his.

DC: I yell, God Bless America…

GWB: Dude, your character’s not from America….he’s from Greyhawk City, remember…

DC: Oh, right….can’t we change that, I didn’t expect to be fighting suicide-bomber kobolds….

GWB: Ok, ok…I see your point. Let me note that down……Cheniakus the Mountain Dwarf is an American….

DC: From Colorado. That would make sense for a Mountain Dwarf, right.

GWB: Good thinking….Colorado. Ok, what about the other 8 kobolds?

DC: I get out my +3 Axe of Uber-cleaving and charge…

GWB: Shit, this is going to be fun…

You can see how that might go….

Make a Will Save...I had thought that I was all creative in coming up with the Bush D&D thing, but apparently, it is old news. When looking for a suitable GWB/DC image online, I found this image….apparently from their regular weekly game.

In any case, it is good to see the hobby holding, however tenuously, in this age of Massively Massive Online Games of Eternal Doom, Destruction, and alternative economies of scale.


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