Cowthulhu Awakens…..

As a 10th level gamer-dad, I sometimes bring my kids to the local gamestore ( In my case, this is usually Bad Moo Games in New Providence, NJ and when I say kids, I am not referring to sacrificial goats). Anyway, the Great Kovalic‘s humorous take on the Great Cthulhu has made it to a T-shirt that is available at Bad Moo….My two-year-old daughter had to have it. Here she is modeling it (save identifiable facial exposure):

Cowthulhu Awakens!

While I’m talking about the Old Ones, I may as well give a shout out to my homey’s at and make a sanity check…ah, shit…

!Adaen of Bridgewat……….aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh@!

One thought on “Cowthulhu Awakens…..

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